"No Ocean" - 95.9 WRAT FM Video Of The Week

Darren Fisher is at it again with his music project These Wolves. The band continues to produce a steady stream of strong tunes and high-quality music videos.  The latest single “No Ocean” deals with the theme of overcoming depression. It’s…

THESE WOLVES in The Aquarian Weekly!

Tim Louie from The Aquarian Weekly did a write up on THESE WOLVES!

Here's a fun fact: Tim Louie and I are from the same hometown. Tim is also in a band called RAHWAY if you would like to…

95.9 WRAT FM Premiere - "No Ocean"

Tom Hanley and I talk about CAMPSTOCK 2018 this Saturday at Debonair Music Hall, Steve Kellner - Recording Services, Mike Caminiti, a new single "Holly Says Go" featuring Chevonne Ricci from The Fuzz, and new video coming out Oct. 26, directed by Alex Kouvatsos ofBlackwolf Imaging, LLC!


THESE WOLVES 4th single, "No Ocean" will be available October 26, 2018! A music video for "No Ocean" will premiere on VEVO on the same day!



For transparency sake, I wanted to inform you that THESE WOLVES will not be releasing a music video for the single “Beautifully Miserable”, filmed by Austin Hein Productions, due to discrepancies in the original creative vision of…

Filming No Ocean Video

HI, it's Darren and I have some news!

THESE WOLVES filmed the music video for my 4th single, "No Ocean". This video was filmed at the Art Factory in Paterson, NJ again but this time, Alex from Blackwolf Imaging